Each food has something to tell

Each food we eat has something to tell us. Each ingredient.. is a world on its own. Each food.. is like a small book, in a sense. Has so much to teach, show, tell, etc. People have been made to believe that only some “plants” are teachers. The plants some other people cared to talk about and to make books about – mostly the psychoactive ones are considered as such. But in fact.. everything, every plant, every fruit, every animal, EVERYTHING is a teacher … and has so much to say. Especially the wild ones.
The vegetable realm is in itself like a library of knowledge.. singing and portraying almost all the history of this place. Over and over… plants sing. And eating is far more than just satisfying a hunger. Eating – originally – is a form of uniting with something. A profound act of making something a part of yourself. This is what eating is originally – and it is far more than being a survival act. Eating is – as so many other acts – a holy experience, even much more intimate than making love.
We are what we eat – this has been said even in the medicinal lore of this “earth”. We become that which we bring into ourselves. We construct our inner universe – meaning: our body – by the worlds we bring inside of us. And each world – meaning: each food – has a story, has something to tell.. something to teach.
If people would start seeing again what food really is – they would never eat carelessly once again. Eating would become once again a holy experience of understanding one’s self. And food preparation and eating with other people would become once again the intimate and profound experience it really is.
Because when we eat – our soul opens. Everything we are surrounded by: the people, the environment, the food : all start becoming a part of us. This is why even in our “modern” days business or personal relationships are sealed over a lunch, or dinner.
Quieting the mind and listening to our body while eating food – is one main prerequisite for any being who aspires to evolve “back” to its real human nature – to the powerful extent of what “human” really means.
artwork: DN2020
photo of Rumex patientia an edible wild green.

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