The process of soul making

In this current creation we experience life through a custom made interface called: the soul or “psyche”.
The soul or the psyche acts as a translator device, translating the blueprint of creation for our senses, so we can perceive it, experience it, interact with it.

The psyche is the primordial body with which we can experience this creation.
Without this psychic body, we would not be able to interact with, perceive or experience this current creation at all.
The psyche or the soul, once embodied, translates for us this creation and helps us interact with it.

Although part of the creation, like the cells of it, the soul or psyche is far from being something conceptual, defined or hampered to a stable definition, position, shape or form. Rather: the soul / the psyche is more of a shapeless substance, an unmanifested substance of full potential.

The psyche is both male and female. Light and dark. Conscious and Unconscious. Physical and Non Physical.
The psyche is both fire and water, sun and moon, intellect and emotion.

When we interact with any manifested form from this creation – be it a human, a plant, an animal, a thought, a cloud, an emotion – through our own psychic body, we interact at once with all the multidimensionality of that life form. We interact with it intellectually, emotionally, physically, energetically, archetipally, willfully, imaginative, and in many other dimensions, at once.

The soul/psyche is inherently multidimensional by nature, although at the root level of the soul all this multidimensionality is experienced at once, as one single, united stream of experience. At the root base language, the soul appears as a continuous, analogue process – where all the multidimensionality converges and melts into one single stream of united expression and experience.

Thus, at the very core level of existence, whenever we interact with a physical form in this creation, we actually interact with another soul or psyche.
(another permutation of the same collective soul)

Everything in this creation has soul. From rocks, to people, to clouds, words, thoughts, emotions.
And that means: everything has memory, intent, genealogy and will.

Even our own preferences, our thoughts, our emotions, desires – have their own soul, their own life, their own families, preferences, likes and dislikes. Just like our physical body has its own soul, and just like each cell in our physical body has its own soul as well.

Basically, at the real, core level of this creation, we only have souls interacting, exploring, touching and experiencing one another – in various ways. And what that means is: there is a pervasive intelligence in motion, all throughout this creation.

And all these souls existing in this creation are permutations of the grander soul of the whole creation. Basically, each soul in this creation is a permutation of the whole creation. Meaning: each atom, each leaf, each human, each animal, star, universe – is a permutation of the whole creation itself, in a certain format. All these souls are equally alive, sentient and equipped with what we call : will.

A flower, a tree, a thought, a human, an animal, a mitochondrial cell – all are alive, sentient and all have an inherited will.

At the root level, will is the code that programs a specific soul with a specific tendency, a preference, an inherited intent of being in a certain way.
This will code, at its base raw format – is shapeless, meaningless and formless. Will at the base, core level, looks like a substance of organisation and cohesion. An intent for creating stable patterns. A pulse organising the substance of the consciousness in patterns, making them retain their shape. Hence: all souls / psyches, in order to exist as an independent entity need to have an inherited programmed will, that makes them be “something”. Without the inner inherited will to exists, a soul would collapse back to the awareness of the grander soul, the grander intelligence, the grander substance that makes this whole creation.

Meaning: the grander soul or psyche that makes up this whole creation, “the soul of the world”, creates numerous, eternal smaller souls – and equips them with a specific will to exist, to be aware and to experience “life”. These smaller souls then inherit the same property of multiplication and division, “being made in the same image”, and they can branch themselves and create many, numerous, eternal sub souls, that can create other eternal sub souls, and so on.

These numerous souls now start interacting with one another, tasting their own existence through contrast with the others.
By the created contrast the grander soul of the whole creation, perceives itself through numerous data points, and even more: expands itself.
If the grander soul of this whole creation would be an organism, then any created sub soul would be a cell.

At the very core level of existence, in this creation, souls exist in an eternal way, in the ocean of their collective existence, manifestation and experience, invisibly supported by the will of the grander collective soul. The smaller souls, as said, are in fact the whole creation, the whole soul of the world, yet in a different permutation of itself. The entire ocean exists in a drop of water.

Thus, any smaller soul is containing within all what the grander soul contains. All the substances, all the possibilities, the entire mind, will, body of the whole creation is inherited by any new created soul – big or small. Thus, all souls are inherently creative. All souls have the possibility to imagine, to wish, to create, to take a potential from themselves and manifest it live. And all souls also are equipped with the potential for stillness, for rest, for pause, for non-creational activities.

All souls have the potential to exist and not exist, at their own will. All souls can choose to be active creators, or choose to retreat and sleep or be active sustainers.
And all souls can choose to play in life’s cosmic game, being active players in the grander ocean of life, or choose to close the “door” of the “cinema”, and go “home” for some time (eg: in the real reality). Yet, even if all souls are inherently equipped with all these potentials, not all souls are equally aware of all these potentials. Not all souls inherently “know themselves”. I could even say that, only a few amount of souls in the whole cosmos (creation) are actually aware of the possibility to step in and out of life’s game, at will.

All souls, big and small, are on a quest of self discovery. Especially if a soul it’s newly “born”, it will have an increased will and intent of self discovery, of creating forms and creations from itself, perceiving and experiencing life, and thus: learning about itself. In the other side of the spectrum “old” souls that have been experiencing this creation for an impossible to describe amount of cuantic time, have a lesser need to express, create, manifest and experience, and are more inclined to either support others, study or observe the creation through the eyes of others.

As much as a soul learns and “ages” it slowly becomes more and more aware of all the potentials within itself, slowly becoming acquainted with the holistic nature of the cosmos, becoming aware of the grander collective soul of the whole creation, slowly embodying that knowledge as their soul body.

Thus, experiential knowledge is what souls are in look for. Souls can create numerous copies, branches or versions of themselves, to be able to experience life more and thus: know themselves more.

Yet, this knowledge is hardly ever purely intellectual, or purely mental or conceptual. More so: at the base, primal level of existence, in this creation, knowledge is a manifested substance. Knowledge is as physical as any other thing in this creation. Souls pursuing to know themselves, actually pursue in meeting, discovering and “constructing” their own physical bodies, as time “goes” by.

In a way: Body is knowledge and knowledge is body.

This is why the word “remember” is made up of “re” and “member”, meaning: to put one’s members together, to re-build one self. To know is to create a body, to become a physical, concrete being.

This is the quest each player embarks on when coming to this creation: they are given a phantom shapeless, “all potential” soul, that they slowly work at making it physical, concrete and real through their experience. We can even say that this whole creation is a factory for creating living beings. An incubator. A cosmic egg hatcher, producing living beings.

Probably this is why Jung has called the process of individualisation, which is the process of restoring the psyche to its holistic nature, the “magnum opus” of the alchemists, as : the process of soul making.

We are actually crafting ourselves, melting and constructing ourselves in a physical form by experiencing ourselves in this creation.
We are crafting our own stable, eternal, custom made physical body.

And it all starts with an empty soul and a decided will.🙂

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