Q&A: The Soul’s journey in creation

This text was written as a response to a question posed by a friend.
Thought to post it as it might describe some notions with clarity.
(Update: at the bottom of the article, some schemes are also presented)

Q: “the beings there at the astral or causal plains, do they know about the game/creation, and how do they position themselves in relation to that?”

From what I saw so far things appear – at the moment – like this: There seems to be a certain journey a Soul takes in creation, and this journey appears to have 2 main stages. First a Soul is born as a little spark of light within a sea of darkness. This sea of darkness is the ocean of creation, the womb of life, the primordial water. This tiny spark, at first, has no consciousness or awareness of self, and hence.. it starts to wonder “who am I?”. This wonderment, this question makes the ocean of darkness respond with an answer. An image. The water of life shows to the Soul a reflected image that represents a portion of itself. Similar to how someone can look within a lake and see its reflection in the surface of the water, the Soul can view its reflected image in the water of Life that exists all around it. The Soul can then inspect the reflected image, “try it, taste it, sense it” – until it understands something about itself. Once the Soul has understood that part of itself, it starts becoming more and more curious about itself, leading the water of Life to start reflecting more and more images, more and more portions of the Soul. These reflected images of itself the Souls perceives them as creations. The Soul, at first, thinks it is the one creating these experiences, these reflected images. And so the Soul starts to “create” creations in order to understand itself.

Hence the Soul emanates/creates reflections of itself and these reflections project into the ocean of Life that exists all around. Then the Soul views those reflections and understands things about itself. Hence, by creating creations the Soul learns about itself. It acquires Self Knowledge. In one word: it becomes conscious, aware of itself.

At some point in this journey the Soul manages to create a comprehensive understanding of itself. Like putting puzzle pieces together, the Soul manages to unite all the separate understandings collected via creation and manifestation, into one coherent image or puzzle. When the Soul manages to make this overarching understanding, that’s when he has the first “glimpse” of its real nature. Eg: of its Spirit self. After this moment the second part of the journey begins: the Soul now going backwards, in a way, disentangling itself from all its previous creations and manifestations, letting go of them, and only keeping the understanding / essence of what it experienced. Eg: the Soul only keeps itself and discards its reflections/creations.

Hence, in the second part of the journey the Soul now needs to adhere all its manifested creations/reflections back within itself. All the creations and manifestation the Soul has emanated/expressed outwards are now being pulled inward, absorbed again within the self. In this second part of the journey the Soul basically absorbs back all the pieces of itself that were scattered throughout the ocean of Life.

If in the first part of the journey the Soul makes experiences by creation/emanation/manifestation (expressing out), in the second part of the journey the Soul makes experiences by absorption/integration/assimilation (absorbing in).

In the second part of the journey, each time the Soul makes an experience, a piece of itself – captured within that experiece – is absorbed/adhered/united back with itself. Now, when the Soul accepts to live a certain experience that piece of itself, that essence within that experience, is absorbed back within itself. Basically, in the second part of the journey the Soul pulls back its essence from all its reflections. And thus.. these reflections seem to “disappear” from the “outside”, from the level of manifested creation. Thus, a certain process of letting go occurs in this second part of the journey, simultaneously with a process of merging and uniting back all the scattered pieces of oneself. And with each piece that is brought back within the self, the Self remembers more and more who one really is outside of creation.

Hence, there seems to be this two fold process: first a being descends into creation as a Soul. Then the being ascends from creation, as a Spirit.

This exact process of descent and ascent I found it described in different words and different terminologies across different systems. In hinduism, for example, it is described how the Soul first is born into the causal plane – the world of pure ideas. Here creations happen instantaneously, and one can create things by thought and intent alone. From the causal plane the Soul descends into the astral plane, where it experiences creations by feeling and desire. From the astral plane the Soul descends into the physical plane, where it experiences creations by matter and physical power.

From what I’m seeing, physicality seems to be the place where the Soul makes its integral understanding and manages to put all the puzzle pieces together understanding who one is. When one has reached that understanding, that “overarching answer” – physicality is no longer needed, and one starts making the journey “back”, through the astral, then through the causal plane, and finally.. home. Outside of creation.

In my opinion, when the being first descends into creation, and it becomes a Soul in the causal plane – at this level the being can still remember its real Self that exists outside of creation. Even if it might not have access to that true Self anymore, there might still be a certain recollection of that Self. At the causal level, one might still know “there is something more” than just itself, the Soul. When the being further descends into the astral plane, as a Soul, then this being can forget even more its true instance that exists outside of creation. And when the being descends into the physical plane, that being almost entirely forgets its true nature, the true Self existing outside of creation. On the journey back this process seems reversed, the being remembering itself more and more as it ascends from the physical into the astral, and from the astral into the causal.

Hence, in the first part of the journey the Soul is born with total creative power but no knowledge of self. And so the Soul uses that creative power to create creations and understand itself. In the second part of the journey, the Soul has understood itself, it has remembered itself. And now works to become that true Self that it has glimpsed and understood, renouncing the need for creative power.

Hence, paradoxically, at first the Soul has total power but no knowledge. At last it has total knowledge, but no power.

And if I see this correctly, once the Soul has experienced both journeys, both the descension and the ascension, he might then be able to tackle both the power and the knowledge of itself.

To answer this shortly, if a being on the causal or astral plane finds itself on the descension journey, it might not know they are in the game / creation. In this case, beings might still have some recollection of “there is something more”, yet since they lack true self knowledge (their puzzle is not yet complete, and they are still in the process of creating creations to understand themselves) they are still unconscious of themselves. Being unconscious means.. they might not have a clear idea of what they are, where they are, what happens to them and why. If they find themselves in the causal or astral plane, yet on the ascension journey, this time.. they might have a clear sense and knowing that home is outside of creation, and that their true nature is unfolding for them more and more, yet they might still find themselves clueless to what that real nature might actually be. Hence, in any way.. being in creation means holding a certain level of ignorance / not knowing. Until the final stage is revealed 🙂

Also created some graphics to illustrate the concept.

(These graphics are still under working, and not final. Still.. I decided to present them as they might contain some valuable information.)

Some possible evidences for this scheme:

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