You have the remote control!

Each timeline is a being. And this world is far from needing to be saved. There is zero person that could do that. We just move through timelines.

There is a timeline where this world falls apart. There is a timeline where this very world is heaven and we like it so much that we want to explore it forever. There is a timeline for each and any thought or idea someone has. If you think you are a prisoner in this game – then so you are. There are millions of timelines playing out this scenario. If you think there is a “door” out of this place, then so it is. That timeline has showed itself to you. If you think you are here to save the world, then so it is – that timeline helps you experience that. When I look at this game I see only these timelines contained in a sphere, and we all just surf and move through them. And there are games in games in games. Spheres in spheres in spheres.

What the player needs to remember is that he is far from being glued to any of the timelines! We are the ones who move through timelines, like surfers in an ocean. We are the ones who perceive the waves, we are far from being the waves! And in order to be able to move from a certain timeline / movie / scenario one needs to first get its head out of that timeline’s ass! 🙂 Meaning: stop identifying with the timeline/movie/scenario one is in. You are the surfer! You always have free choice to move in whatever direction you want.

Fancy yourself as a possible tyrant? That timeline awaits you to make you king in that movie! Care rather for being an angel? That timeline is also there to meet you with pink fluffy clouds. Anything.. really anything the human mind can imagine is a timeline in a game. Even the scenario of ending the game is a movie inside the game.

What I observe derives the most amount of pain in a player is forgetting he is the surfer! By forgetting he can always move! I could bet the initial “virus” movie played out in some of the games had at its base formula this mirage of making the player unaware of its own moving capacity. Like it blurred out that natural property each being has of moving its awareness. We need to remember that in order for us to play these game we ALL are FULL OWNERS of OUR AWARENESS! There is zero force outside of me that could ever own my awareness or make me see something I care less for seeing. Once I acknowledge the fact that the remote control is ALWAYS in my hand – I can start thinking logically: ok, then how did I ended up in this mess? Why am I currently seeing these scenarios? I can start putting the puzzle pieces together, I can start understanding the game I am in. I can start remembering myself, my choices, and all else.

This is what I need to remind any player in this game: the remote control is in your hand! It has always been there. Start testing with it, start touching it again. Start playing with it. Start playing! 🙂

And btw…

The true ending of this gazzilion verse movie/game relays outside of any thoughts, outside of any possible imagination – and the irony I find is that the ending was set before we began. So – in one way or another – all the players are getting out of this game, because.. this is how we setup our games. We know better than to trap ourselves for eternity in any type of game, even if that game might be the most adventurer and unique one. And when we get out we finally see that which leaves us breathless and finally makes sense of everything from the game and outside of it, at once.

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