About purity

The purity of a substance is usually measured in how much that substance manages to retain its natural qualities. If we start adding things to this substance or altering it in any way, then soon this substance looses its purity, transforming itself in something else.

Similar … with life’s music. Through each and every one of us music is singing at all times. Call it: our own unique fountain of life.

When we are born, each of us, are given a musical instrument. A body. With this instrument each of us can play in the outside of ourselves the pure music that sings inside ourselves.

When we are babies all we know is our own music and our own body instrument. We play it faithfully. We cry, we laugh, we stretch our hands asking to be hugged, we shy away asking to be left alone. The music is played out faithfully and its purity its energising us. And even more: the people around and the environment also gets energised. This is why we all love to be around baby children or baby animals, or baby plants. Their music is played out so faithful and pure that it’s energising us when we are around them.

As we grow older we learn to alter this music, in order to fit with the given orchestra we find ourselves in. We look “outside” of ourselves and – for example – we fall under the impression that violins are more preferred than guitars, or that a specific piece of music is much more favoured than another. And because we love to play .. and to be part of an orchestra of life, we usually try to accommodate our music in order to fit with the given composition. And so.. many times we learn to alter our play. Not our music – which remains forever at the same level of purity inside of us. We learn to alter, to hide or to distort our ACTIONS in order to play out a different music than our own.

Playing out faithfully the music that pours from the inside of ourselves to the outside of ourselves has an energising effect on our whole being. All our bodies (emotional, mental, physical, aptitudes, skills, passions, etc) start resonating together under one perfectly singing instrument, like being brought to resonance by a diapason. We soon can start feeling that sensation of life making sense.

If done so, this pure water of life now pours from the inside of us to the outside of us, touching the environment around. And it’s immediately felt. People, situations, places and nature – all can start to flourish. And when nature flourishes it means the cells from our bodies flourish as well. This is the moment where usually miracles and magical things can start to happen.

And from what I see, this a conscious act one needs to make. In order to make this happen this music needs us to ACT or PLAY it out faithfully. Eg: we need to heal back our actions.

And it implies a conscious work with oneself to find out, taste out and re-learn to play this pure music once again.

Article written from a [Level 2 – The purgatory] perspective.

The levels I see and write from can be checked here.

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