Coming back to life?

We all have been infected with a virus. A consciousness virus that affected our reality software and made it divert from its original purpose.
Everything in life has music. An object, a plant, an idea, a conglomerate of multiple life forms such as a human or an animal. A planet, a galaxy, an universe.
In the original creation (the original software) any type of life form – from the most simple to the most complex – was having at its basic core a consciousness formula that made all different life forms sing together under the same orchestra. We would all sing our unique, individual song, while being in unison with all the others.
There was order and order created music.
Then the main formula was affected by an unknown code, or “virus”, and we all lost the connection with the main composition, ourselves and the others. An era of darkness followed. We felt alone, disconnected.
Our unique song which previously created music by being with the others, now – being left all alone – appeared to sound like nothing.
See.. this is the thing with music. In a musical composition any individual sound gains meaning by being put together with the others. If we isolate one single sound – similar to isolating one single color or one single taste – and we play it continuously, that single sound soon becomes indistinguishable. We stop hearing it.
While I was playing in the orchestra with all the others, my notes would light up as I would touch another one’s notes. After the disconnection, there would be no one there to touch, so my notes appeared inexistent. I lost my sense, my purpose, my identity.
For the first time I was experiencing myself and myself alone. What to make of it?
All others would continue to be there – their songs would still be alive. Still.. the disconnection now made me not hear them, and them not hearing me – although we would still be in the same “room”.
Soon I had to abandon myself to the silence of myself. Nothingness. Desert. Ice.
It took eons to learn the silence of me.
And after I accepted drinking it full, surrendering myself to myself, I finally saw it.
The music. The others. All of it.
So I might see a coming back possible. Back to something that never previously existed, yet was always there to begin with 🙂

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