Lymphatic human parasite – part1a

This information is part of a series published by Dmitry Mylnikov, in his website: mylnikovdm . I used google translate to copy and reproduce the material, to have it available in english. This material covers the lymphatic system which acts more like a parasite for the human body that feeds from us, not only physically. Please draw your own conclusions and study forward.


Hydra. Part 1 a.

original text in russian :

August 4th, 2015


A small preface. 
Despite the fact that I still have several cycles of articles left unfinished, I decided to start a new cycle, because I consider the information with which you will read further very important. This work is the result of a series of letters that I received from one of my readers. At the moment, this material is rather raw, in many cases it is rather some kind of hypothesis than finally reliable information, because we still lack data, facts and experimental evidence to dot the i. At the same time, the publication of some fragments in the form of comments and messages in different places gave a very positive result in the form of interesting and important additions. In many ways, this is why I decided to start publishing these materials without waiting for the end of this study, in order to use in my work the possibilities of the collective mind of the community of seekers and non-standard thinking people.

As always, constructive comments, thoughts, comments, memories, intuitive insights, in general, everything that can be at least somehow connected with this topic and help in revealing the truth are welcomed.

At the same time, as before, all unconstructive chatter, especially with the transition to the individual, as well as statements on the topic “you are all crazy,” will be deleted without any warnings and explanations.

Part 1.
What is “Hydra”.

Even before receiving letters that served as the basis for this work, I found in different sources or received information from different people that people are infected with certain parasites that can affect the mind and mind of an infected person. But when trying to verify this information, I constantly got information that sometimes, very rarely, a person with a weakened immune system could become infected with certain fungi, bacteria or other microorganisms, from which he becomes very ill. You can find similar materials on the Internet in large quantities. Only all this was not similar to some serious global problem, and the possibility of establishing mental control over a person using these microorganisms was hardly possible. Disruption of the work of consciousness as a result of intoxication, yes, it is possible,

On the other hand, based on personal experience and the information collected by me, I knew for sure that various telepathic effects on people are possible, and quite ordinary ones, up to the complete seizure of control, when a person does something that he cannot remember later. Moreover, this person was not in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication at the moment of interception of control, although some of them later said that they were tired and a little absentminded before this happened. A variation of this impact are situations where people see what is not, and more often, on the contrary, when they do not see what actually is. Previously, all this was called the general term “wraith”, from which the expression “fooling the head.”

But full interception with loss of memory is rare. It is much more common to transmit to people other people’s thoughts and desires, which they usually perceive as their own. While all people are divided into several categories. Some people are not able to distinguish other people’s thoughts and desires from their own. These are perfectly controlled people. Such people are now usually put on key positions in the management system. Before that, they must pass the so-called “controllability test”, when certain commands are given to them, and they must execute them without realizing that they are secretly controlled. The second category of people who suddenly realize that they “hear voices”, tell their relatives or friends about it, which ultimately leads them to a psychiatric hospital, where they are “cured” or isolated from society in one way or another. so as not to disturb their stories with the rest. Another scenario in this case, when a person begins to be told that he is the chosen one, the messiah, the next prophet, the next incarnation of a certain great personality, and if the person is led and believed in his own chosenness or exclusivity, then he begins to behave accordingly. losing touch with reality. In this case, in a similar case, indeed, there are situations when a person’s perception of reality is disturbed so much that he can already do without qualified help, but this is a separate topic. and if a person was led and believed in his own chosenness or oneness, then he begins to behave accordingly, finally losing touch with reality. In this case, in a similar case, indeed, there are situations when a person’s perception of reality is disturbed so much that he can already do without qualified help, but this is a separate topic. and if a person was led and believed in his own chosenness or oneness, then he begins to behave accordingly, finally losing touch with reality. In this case, in a similar case, indeed, there are situations when a person’s perception of reality is disturbed so much that he can already do without qualified help, but this is a separate topic.

And finally, there is a third, not very numerous category of people who, realizing that something not normal is happening from a normal point of view, are trying to figure out what is really happening, without losing touch with reality and retaining the ability to soberly think and evaluate what is happening.

Until recently, I personally believed that all such effects are covertly turned out by some more prepared people to others either due to the natural possibilities incorporated initially in the human body, or using certain technical tools developed by many countries of the world, including the USSR. But it turned out that this impact is carried out in a completely different way, through a special creature – the parasite, which is embedded in the body of almost all the people living on Earth today. At the moment we decided to call this parasitic organism “hydra”, by analogy with the way it is called in hermetic texts and the old, not yet distorted, Orthodox tradition. It is about this organism, its properties and qualities, as well as the impact on the human body, which we have already managed to find out

So – a person is infected with a complex multicellular organism, which is parasitic in the human body and some of its manifestations are similar to the stinging effect of the enteric-lane, because it was called “hydra” . It is massively present in the tissues of the brain and spinal cord duplicating nerve endings, that is, it is connected to the synapses. Also, the parasite is connected to the hormonal system and has the ability to stimulate it supporting one or another state of consciousness – a set of experiences expressed in the form of persistent neural circuits. He completely swaddles our body, taking up the whole intercellular space with his body, without interfering with the circulatory system.

Humanity has long been aware of this being.

Let’s start with the Bible. If we discard any other instructive overtones, then the description of original sin can be described in one single word: infection. Moreover, the word primordial we read as an adjective to sin, whereas most likely it is just a sin of the First Family. When the birds are iron, there will be the Last Rod.

That is, Eve ate something that resulted from something that is forbidden to touch on pain of being expelled from paradise. This something was infected, Eve infected and infected Adam. This is what causes the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise.

The creature calls it the Beast, the Evil One, Haab (the name of the snake in Hebrew, which gave Eve the forbidden fruit, apparently infected by the larvae of this very Haav).

“Hydra” (Greek tradition, Christian tradition) – according to the description of the legend, a new one rises to the place of the severed head. In intestinal cavities, stinging cells are located in batteries, and immediately after testing one cell, another cell becomes in its place. A similar effect is manifested in some cells of the described parasite.


Most likely Satan, this is also one of his names. European medieval alchemists said that no mortal can see this creature. But this is only because in those days the necessary microscopes were not available and it was available only to people of a sufficient degree of purity from the parasite. And so, and the mortal is able to see him. Video and camera captures, at least. This is how medieval alchemists imagined it.

And here is another image, between engravings, a hundred years.

The pictures show exactly what the “hydra” does to the person. She swaddles him completely. On the first engraving it is clearly visible that the person is sleeping, and he is lying in the grave, and the Serpent, as it were, clings to and drinks his breath. In the second engraving, the serpent stuck to the heart area. That is, both figures symbolically depict the absorption of the “hydra” of life force from the human body.

“Hydra”, enveloping the body, blocks the highest forms of mental activity and immunity (95%), stimulates an obsessive picture through the control of hormonal and nervous function. Thus, a person turns into a living dead (lying in a grave). The living dead, seduced by the fading illusion of life.

Parasite metabolism is very fast. He replaces his entire body in 2-3 weeks, a month. Because he needs a constant protein diet. The feeling of hunger that we experience is the result of his stimulation to induce a person to eat. The love of meat and high-calorie food, is also a stimulation of the parasite.

They are infected with all forms of organic animal life on Earth. I do not exclude that some forms are already the product of its selection. Even modern man is partly the fruit of his selection. According to the findings of modern genetics, 90 percent of our DNA does not carry any useful information. That is, in the process of “selection” for the purpose of degradation, this part was replaced by slag, information debris.

Many of those who read this text have already thought: “Well, what nonsense! What can be a parasite in the body of each person, if medicine has long studied the structure of a person up and down? ” But do not rush to conclusions! Do not forget that the term “medicine” is written in Latin as medicina, that is, it contains the family name Medici (Medici) , which left an indelible mark in the history of Europe (and, apparently, of all mankind), including repeatedly accused connection with the Devil. Yes, and on all the well-known emblem of “medicine” we do not accidentally see the image of snakes wrapping around the bowl and filling it with its poison.

The symbol of the Military Medical Academy named after SM. Kirov

If we collect the basic information that we managed to gather along the “Hydra”, we will get:
1. The Hydra body occupies the whole intercellular space, swaddles the body outside, occupying energy channels, the excretory system of the skin (pores) and all places where there is no obvious blood flow, where there is no strong immunity.
2. Throughout the body are various internal organs “Hydra”.
3. The main body mass of the hydra and its center are in the intestinal cavity. There are also larvae or heads. Official science estimates that 90 percent of immunity is consumed in the digestive process.

The main conclusion: in the human body, “Hydra” is represented by the human lymphatic system, and the lymphocytes are the “Hydra” cells. At the same time, the lymphatic vessels are the Hydra’s “circulatory” system. It does not intersect with the circulatory system of our body and there is no immunity in it except for Hydra’s own immunity.

Official medicine, more precisely, “medicine” claims that the lymphatic system is part of the human immune system, which is necessary for the removal of toxins from our body. Let’s see if this is true?

Lymphocytes belong to a general class of blood cells called leukocytes.I mean, having a white body. But this class includes a lot of different cells that are responsible for human immunity. At the same time, all these cells, except lymphocytes, have one peculiarity. They form only in the bone marrow and are transported only through the blood. But lymphocytes are produced not only in the bone marrow, but also by the lymphatic tissue itself, that is, the body of the parasite! At the same time, real human leukocytes, which have absorbed some foreign bodies or microorganisms, are excreted from the body through blood, without entering any lymphatic channels or lymph nodes. That is, a person already has a fully functioning immune system and a system of toxins withdrawal from organisms, the work of which is provided by blood flow. Why, then, need another additional system

Maybe it has separate conclusions from the body, which allows you to relieve the circulatory and cleansing systems of the body in critical situations? This could somehow explain the creation of an additional output system. Let’s see what they write about the lymphatic system in one of the sources :

“The lymphatic system is a system that is not studied at the medical institute .

The lymphatic system with its thin capillaries permeates the entire structure of the body. Its main functions are to carry the lymph from the tissues into the venous bed ; absorption from the intercellular space of colloidal solutions of protein substances that are not absorbed into the blood capillaries; absorption of water and crystalloids dissolved in it; the formation of lymphocytes involved in immunological reactions, and the neutralization of foreign particles, microbes and bacteria that enter the body. ”

Here I want to draw your attention separately to the fact that such an important body system seems to be not studied in medical universities! I hope that after reading this material you will understand why. But let us return to the description given and try to understand what is really wrong there.

First, it is argued that the task of the lymphatic vessels in the absorption of colloidal solutions of protein substances that are allegedly not absorbed into the capillaries of blood vessels. In this case, the diameter of those and others is actually the same, and there, and there is water. For some reason, these colloidal solutions should not be absorbed into the capillaries of the circulatory system, but they are not absorbed into the capillaries of the lymphatic system. Not absorbed and all. But the most important thing is that the substances collected by the lymphatic system are not released outside, but back into the blood, because the lymphatic vessels eventually go into the venous bed! And this means that our kidneys and liver are still engaged in the further conclusion of all these toxins and decomposition products!

Secondly, the lymphatic system has one major drawback. Unlike the circulatory system, which has its own heart-shaped pump, which creates a constant flow of blood, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump! The lymph moves through the lymphatic vessels due to the valves in them and their constant contraction and expansion while reducing the muscles.

But if the lymphatic system is part of the immune system, which must remove toxins and harmful substances from the body, then this design has a very serious drawback, because when the body is sick, then its mobility is minimal, since it starts to spend most of the energy on fighting the disease . It turns out that at this very moment the lymphatic system is not really functioning properly! How so? But what about the removal of harmful substances from the body, the same colloidal solutions? How does the body remove them from the body during an illness, when its mobility is minimal? And why we do not die from intoxication?

A very interesting article on the lymphatic system was recently published on the Kramola portal.. When you first read this article, it seems that you learn something new and important about how our body works and works. But this is only until you begin to analyze its content. We read:
“We treat the lymphatic system in the most obscene way – and with it we need to apply only“ to you ”! The lymphatic system goes all “bottom-up,” and never in reverse order! Those. from the fingertips to the thoracic lymphatic duct. And how do we usually get a massage? – correctly: “top-down”, AGAINST the course of lymph – and this means that the lymph flows are disturbed! Have you ever seen valves in the lymph ducts? – this is a very important device: when the lymph rises – the valve lets it through, but then it slam shut (does not allow for the reverse lymph flow!). And if we properly massass us, as usual, against the course – then all the VALVES WILL BE DESTROYED! ”

And now, attention, question! How many people got the wrong massage? Judging by what the author writes, quite a lot. When this happened, the destruction of the valves in the lymphatic network, and thus violated the flow of lymph. If this system, as we are told, serves to remove toxins from the body, then the consequences of its destruction should be very serious for this organism. If not death, then serious tissue intoxication, which should cause a very painful condition after such a massage. Now remember your feelings after the massage or chat with those who received the massage. How often after the massage did the pain, heaviness in the whole body, weakness arise? Based on my own experience I can say for sure – NEVER! On the contrary, we feel freshness, lightness, a surge of strength. Why? Yes because

Another quote from this article, which makes you wonder: “Surprisingly, there were professional surgeons in our group, and 50% of them admitted that they NEVER SEALING lymphatic vessels!”.It is not clear why the author of the article is so surprised, since the fact that professional surgeons do not sew up lymphatic vessels is actually quite natural. They don’t really know anything about the lymphatic system, because when they studied at a medical school, they weren’t told anything about it, otherwise they could have unnecessary questions on the merits. But the main reason why surgeons were not taught to stitch up the lymphatic vessels is that it does not matter at all for the recovery of the human body. Quite the contrary. A parasite, having a very intensive metabolism, he quickly enough restores its structure.

Here is another fact that suggests that the lymphatic system is occupied in our body is not at all attributed to it. Do all tissue cells produce toxins? The answer seems logical: yes.

Then how to understand that in the placenta surrounding the fetus in the mother’s body, there is no lymphatic system !? What is the most important function and such negligence? Do not placenta tissue produce toxins like others? But the circulatory system in the placenta is. And how is it that the type of congenital lymphatic system does not develop along with the circulatory? It turns out that the fetus is poisoned by placenta toxins?

Okay, let’s leave these uncomfortable questions, let’s move on to the fetus itself. It turns out that the lymphatic system, for some reason, does not develop along with the circulatory system. It is laid only at 6–8 weeks in the form of an epithelial structure — the thymus gland and the lymphocyte dispersal through the lymph nodes occurs by 12–15 weeks, with the development of the lymph network and the creation of nodes. What 4 toxins are not removed from the fetus? Or does other blood circulate through the fetal blood system? In the cells of the fetus is not formed of colloidal protein solutions? If you believe the theory about the removal of toxins, then within a month the fetal cells must die from the toxins along with the fetus, and then several months.

Supposedly the lymphatic system removes residues of uncleaved proteins. And it seems to me that it feeds on them, and the toxins produced by it, from digesting-splitting proteins, throws it back into venous blood, thereby not removing anything, but increasing the load on the blood purification system of the body.


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