Palierele de realitate / Reality tiers

Am observat de mai bine de 8 ani, urmatoarea chestiune: cand ma intalnesc cu o persoana … se intampla ceva interesant. Ma intalnesc cu ea si incep sa comunic. Si ce am observat. Exista ca un fel de palier de realitate care isi face aparitia. El arata ca un fel de strat, ca un fel de placuta. Este palierul de realitate al acelei persoane. Este ca si cum.. toate aceste persoane, si mai precis fiecare persoana are ca un soi de palier de realitate in care isi joaca rolul, fara sa-si dea seama. Ea adera la anumite convingeri, are un model de realitate, priveste lucrurile intr-un fel anume … si mai important, cand te intalnesti cu ea, si esti pe modul automat, incepi sa vorbesti si sa comunici conform cu palierul ei de realitate. Adica se desfasoara un script conform cu acceptiunile acelei persoane, si toata lumea e multumita. Eh, cand incepi sa fii viu, sa fii prezent, nu mai ai chef decat sa vorbesti adevarul – independent de persoana cu care te intalnesti. Si am observat ca .. daca nu mai respecti palierele de realitate, si nu mai intri in script, oamenii devin foarte irascibili si nu se simt confortabil. La inceput incearca sa te aduca incet pe drumul inapoi spre script, spre zona in care ei se simt confortabil. Practic spre zona/palierul in care stiu ei sa performeze, sa joace rolul. Sunt precum niste papusi care stiu sa joace doar intr-un setup anume. Tu daca te tii tare si nu vrei sa intri in script, pot ajunge sa se si enerveze sau ia actiuni incat sa intri din nou in script cu ei. Defapt vor lua, intuitiv, exact acele actiuni sau atitudini care te ustura pe tine, astfel incat sa dai inapoi, sa te temi, sa te simti prost, si sa taci, sau sa te intorci la script.


De multe ori mi se intampla sa vorbesc lucruri perfect normale, nimic sf. De exemplu, sa vorbesc despre moarte, sa spun ca societatea este insasi inginerita incat totul sa mearga prost si sa ne manance timpul, etc. Aceste lucruri, desi ar putea fi considerate normale si banale pentru un om normal, pot sa starneasca reactii adverse – in schimb – la cei care ruleaza dupa script.

Mintea mea e foarte susceptibila, si bine inginerita incat sa adere automat la scriptul celorlalti – atunci cand ma intalnesc cu ei. Fara sa vrem, chiar si cei care se considera foarte treji, sunt fara seama lor transi in transa atunci cand se intalnesc cu altii – intr-o masura mai mica sau mai mare.

Aceste scripturi ale oamenilor din jur sunt unele dintre cele mai puternice vraji de pe aici. Insasi vocea lor contine ceva anume care adoarme mintea si spiritul.

Fiecare persoana are palierul ei de realitate/acceptiune/model de realitate pe care joaca. Si mare majoritate a persoanelor au un palier de realitate bazat pe scriptul si palierul mai mare al societatii. Chit ca par ca au individualitatile lor, sau modul lor de gandire, ei sunt identificati 100% cu idei primite de la matrita, sau auzite de la altcineva (de obicei de la lideri de opinie, preoti, guru, oameni de stiinta, etc)

Nu toti sunt asa. Am intalnit si persoane cu care cand ma intalnesc nu exista niciun script care sa se deruleze. Dar acestea sunt foarte putine, am cunoscut doar doua in viata reala.



Starting from 8 years ago I think, I started noticing that when i meet a person, i am automatically pulled onto a sort of reality tier of that person. Each thing I say it’s perfectly engineered to match their reality tunnel/reality tier, and a script starts to play. There are reality tiers all around. Almost every person – at least 90% of them – runs on a script based on their individual reality tunnels/tiers. These reality tiers are already pre-defined. This reality tier looks like sheet, a sort of plate. Most individuals, adhere, without them knowing to a kind of reality plate. When I meet them, and I am in my sleep state, I observe that I start communicating with that person, everything goes perfect, and in the end he leaves and I am like awakening from a trance state. When, I stay present and awake, and I meet a person, two interesting things happen: 1. I get an inner sensation of fear that somehow they will spot that I am awake (I don’t know why this evokes fear inside of me?!) and 2. their script cannot run anymore. I mean they continue to run their script, they say things but I am not automatically pulled in the general script of our conversation together. Rather is like I take one step back and I answer properly from my own will, knowledge and sense of the moment. Without trying to please that person, or without complying to his reality tiers.

When I stay awake, or partly awake, i’ve noticed their scripts cannot work. And if I continue, sometimes they really start to piss off or to take subtle (or more obvious) measures to put me to sleep again and drive me again on the script. If I pursue on not going on the script they will either get angry or: ignore me. But the fact is that they will instinctively apply the exact specific actions and emotional attacks that will hurt their target (for me it might be being ignored, for someone else might be a bad look, for some else maybe being called names or ridiculed, etc) just to make sure the target get’s right on the script again.

The script it’s not exceptionally bad. Most time the script is loaded with jokes and stupid little things people say just to pass the time. But for me I don’t care about small talk, I don’t care about jokes and stupid laughs, IF .. we cannot be on the same page, and that page is TRUTH !

So everything is like this. Most of our encounters are pre-fabricated. All our conversations are pre-fabricated. Most of our actions are pre-fabricated, and… yes, 90% of our life is a script. The 1% are those moments we felt inspired, those moments when we’ve been truly ourselves, without caring about the world, what people say, etc.

The scripts of the people around are one of the most powerful spells there are. It’s their voice in fact that contains something that puts the mind and spirit to sleep.

99% of the people around run on scripts based on the character they play. And their scripts are not even unique, their scripts are based on the mother script of society. (that’s being reformed and constantly updated by the “writers”, just to mimic change and “evolution”)

There are also people that don’t run on scripts, and when you meet them no script starts to play. But they are very rare. I only met two in real life.

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