What will come of us ?

Maybe the world is to barren to bare. Maybe we know .. and that’s why we are scared. Maybe we are hiding beneath the close curtains of our mind and thought. Maybe this is why the daily/mind chatter is so helpful in numbing us out. Maybe we already know the truth, deep down inside, but feeling so helpless we want to forget. Maybe we are already trapped and doomed, without a key, in the dragon’s house. Maybe there is no tomorrow, or today, or even yesterday. And maybe .. there is no second chance, because there never was the first. But maybe all this doesn’t even have to matter. We live. We are here. We are present, and forever will be. The question is: how will we live our foreverness? Trapped in the dungeon, ferociously devouring all the misguided treats the masters are devilishly offering us? Or having the courage to look in the panther’s eyes, courageously gazing in her every spark. Ferociously deciding to accept whatever comes in each second. Battling the demons right there on the spot. No plans, no fictions. This is the true cruelty for most of us. Being put out there in this deserted field of never-ending battles, and be expected to act with the most advanced type of weapon – courage, that ask everything from you, and leaves you with nothing at all. Hands free, no weapons, only bearing a strong decision and the sharpest will available at hand. What will come of us?


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